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It’s a very long post.

Nobody cares how it is done. It is a tad embarrassing to look at a 2011 Android phone that can’t draw a list as smoothly as the 2007 iPhone. Not a single Android tablet can even come close to the responsiveness of the iPad, even with much better hardware.

This is a comment from “Matt Reilly”:https://plus.google.com/115204202895778710915 from the post.

The closed model has and will always have huge advantages in graphics speed. Compare the performance on an Xbox with a 99% identical PC to demonstrate the difference. Coding a graphic layer which addresses a fixed hardware accelerator is simply the fastest way to achieve things so Apple will always have the advantage there.

This is a comment from “Max Huijgen”:https://plus.google.com/112352920206354603958 from the post.

I like the analogy. iOS with its limited models and standardized hardware is like the Xbox/PS3 and Android is like the PC.

As a result of tightly coupled software and hardware assumptions and optimizations, iOS devices don’t require as much in terms hardware. Meaning less RAM is required to run the system, a slower CPU is adequate, a slower GPU renders everything perfectly fine, etc…

Another reason why Apple isn’t in the business of touting specs because that isn’t a game they are playing.

4 DECEMBER 2011 @ 12:00AM


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