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h1(#android_ui). “Andrew Munn: The Reason Android is Laggy”:https://plus.google.com/100838276097451809262/posts/VDkV9XaJRGS

Andrew Munn a former Android team intern in response to “Dianne Hackborn’s post”:https://plus.google.com/105051985738280261832/posts/2FXDCz8x93s I linked to yesterday.

Android follows the traditional PC model of rendering occurring on the main thread with normal priority…

Work on Android started before the release of the iPhone, and at the time Android was designed to be a competitor to the Blackberry. The original Android prototype wasn’t a touch screen device. Android’s rendering trade-offs make sense for a keyboard and trackball device. When the iPhone came out, the Android team rushed to release a competitor product, but unfortunately it was too late to rewrite the UI framework.

I’ve got to thank Andrew for taking the time to explain it all in plain English. Probably the best post I’ve read on Android and UI rendering.


h1(#jpmorgan). “J.P. Morgan and the impact of lower priced competitors to the iPad”:https://mm.jpmorgan.com/stp/t/c.do?i=52E02-D2&u=a_pd_737409.pdfh_tk1mtdq0

Apple appeared confident in its position of strength in the tablet market continuing. We believe that Apple is not too concerned about the low-priced entrants.

iPad tablet sales aren’t being effected and growth and sales projections continue. It is business as usual for Apple.

5 DECEMBER 2011 @ 12:00AM


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