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Apple actively defends developers and fights App Store piracy

The crooks published news of Apple’s efforts to eradicate many of their website’s cracked apps, claiming the Cupertino company has been “scraping apptrackr for links and sending huge takedown notices for a ton of content.”

Apple understands that by actively fighting piracy it ensures they maintain developer confidence in developing for their platform. It ensures the best developers and apps stay committed to developing quality applications for iOS.

When it comes to large companies you can tell a lot about where they stand from the public actions that they proactively take. Through fighting piracy, Apple reassures developers that the path of paid applications on the App Store is a safe business model.

Earlier this year Apple also “sent the message”:http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2011/08/apple-tells-judge-intervention-against-lodsys-should-be-granted.ars to patent troll Lodsys that they would need to go through them to sue iOS developers.

31 DECEMBER 2011 @ 05:56PM


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