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Predictions on the 2012 model iPad 3

New iPads early in 2012, including high-end models with double-resolution retina displays. I think Apple will continue selling the existing iPad 2 alongside the new ones, or introduce a new lower-end model that still sports today’s 1024- by 768-pixel screen, simply because I think the retina-display iPad will be a bit expensive. I think the new iPads models will use the same screen size as today’s—no 7-inch model.

This pretty much goes along with “my thoughts”:http://julianyap.com/2011/12/03/the-kindle-fire-defines-the-bottom-end-in-tablet-pricing.html back in early December 2011.

I would also add that I expect Apple to release a new quad-core processer for the iPad 3 which will be dubbed the A6. The iPad is looked at as the CPU test bed for Apple products so the A6 will then make its way into the next iPhone model as well.

Importantly the A6 will also be used and be required for the demands that the Apple Television will need.

6 JANUARY 2012 @ 09:56AM


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