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Samsung Galaxy Note - Does the World Really Need a 5-Inch Phone With a Stylus?

The Note’s gigantic 5.3-inch, Super AMOLED display makes it the largest “smartphone” we’ve seen so far. It’s practically a mini-tablet. In fact, a 5-inch touchscreen device, the Dell Streak, was marketed as a tablet in June 2010. But the Note is even larger. And it’s a smartphone.

But the argument is that a smartphone with a 5.3 inch display on the market gives you choice, right? That’s what Android is about? Choice?

“The issue that Samsung and everyone else is up against is, ‘How do you compete with Apple?’” Gartner analyst Hugues de la Vergne said. “By targeting certain niches, that could be an effective strategy.” Developing a large-screened, touch- and stylus-operated device is certainly one way to grab a niche piece of the mobile pie.

Isn’t it a tautology to say that there will always be a market niche for a product no matter how impractical?

30 JANUARY 2012 @ 08:52PM


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