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Visual Innovators. The start of a tasteless viral ad campaign for Dell?

The video’s slow reveal approach just reeked of ‘hoax’ or ‘viral ad campaign’. The subtle facial language smirks.

In a quick search on the web I couldn’t find anything which officially tied the campaign to Dell but the production values of the video indicate that a fair amount of funding must have gone into the project. To me that ruled out the chance that this would have been a random creator or a competitor’s smear campaign. The marketing department at Dell hired an ad company and approved this.

A quick whois search also shows that the domain claytonsotos.com was registered on February 2nd this year. The domain visualinnovators.com was only registered a few days ago on February 19th. A “Tumblr account”:http://claytonsotos.tumblr.com for Clayton Sotos exists with posts dating back to January this year.

I understand the concepts of a viral ad campaign but to me this comes across as tasteless. Is Visual Innovators the first in the series of a tasteless viral ad campaign from Dell?

22 FEBRUARY 2012 @ 10:34AM


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