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Google commits to respecting the 'Do Not Track' header

Julian Angwin of the The Wall Street Journal writes:

Thursday’s announcement means they will work to begin adopting and honoring the [‘Do Not Track’] system within nine months, according to the coalition, the Digital Advertising Alliance, which represents over 400 companies.

This is a big step in the right direction for user privacy.

Susan Wojcicki, senior vice president of advertising at Google, said the company is pleased to join “a broad industry agreement to respect the ‘Do Not Track’ header in a consistent and meaningful way that offers users choice and clearly explained browser controls.”

I’m pretty sure this is mostly in reaction to all the recent bad PR that Google has received but nonetheless it is good to have Google on board.

Google is expected to enable do-not-track in its Chrome Web browser by the end of this year.

That would be great to see.

23 FEBRUARY 2012 @ 01:30AM


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