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Crypto affiliate links

My Affiliate Links

Here are some cryptocurrency affiliate links.


  • BitMEX: Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform with 100x/50x/25x leverage.
  • Coinbase: Buy $100 of bitcoin or more, and you’ll earn $10 of free bitcoin with this link
  • C-CEX: C-CEX exchange tends to list newer alt-coins.
  • OKCoin: OKCoin is based out of China and provides futures trading with 10x/20x leverage.
  • YoBit: YoBit is a newer exchange that lists some new coins.

Mining rental

  • Mining Rig Rentals: Mining Rig Rentals is where I usually rent these days. I have also used BetaRigs in the past.

Other coin related

  • Local Bitcoins: Buy Bitcoins with fiat currency from a person near your physical location.

Other services

  • DigitalOcean: DigitalOcean’s virtual machines run on SSD’s and are fast. I wrote a review about them.
  • Namecheap: I switched over all my domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap when GoDaddy supported SOPA. Namecheap accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.
  • Nitrogen Sports: Sports betting.
  • 1Broker: Participate in real-world markets directly with their Bitcoins.
  • Purse: Spend Bitcoins, save money. Receive 0.01 BTC when you spend or earn $50!
  • Vultr: Vultr is highly recommended as well and accepts Bitcoin as a payment method


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