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Signed Mac Wallet Builds Program


This page outlines my Signed Mac Wallet Builds Program.

I am heavily involved in the cryptocurrency community and I can offer this program as I am a registered Mac and iOS developer with Apple.

My offer is to build and digitally sign your coin’s Mac Wallet using my Apple-issued digital certificate and Developer ID.

The coin development team can then make available an installer file for the signed Mac Wallet. Your end users can download and use your Mac Wallet with confidence that it comes from a trusted member of the community and is malware free.

My aim as with all my cryptocurrency endeavors is to raise the level of professionalism and security in cryptocurrency.

If you are an end user you should request your coin development team provide you with signed Mac Wallet builds so you can buy/sell/trade your favorite coins with confidence.

This program is priced at 0.38 Bitcoins, payable via my Coinbase account.

Alternatively this program is priced at a 10% discount if paid with Jumbucks, payable via my JBS Stealth Address: smYpAnnye4tgrm33qj21EEZHmveCUJ132edhuSNaq8jxh5maXd3GbfiyjgbGZqWUZfagcSRPcNtjYkYo542sWjtdHEoxfbuRo6w7c9

Further details

My builds are performed on a Mac running OS X 10.7 and built against the 10.7 SDK so are compatible with Mac OSX 10.7+.

I have previously built Mac Wallets for coins such as Razorcoin, Nautiluscoin, Unobtanium, Pinkcoin and Zimstake.

Here is an example of verifying one of my signed builds from the command line.

$ codesign -dvvv Razor-Qt.app
Format=bundle with Mach-O thin (x86_64)
CodeDirectory v=20100 size=47767 flags=0x0(none) hashes=2382+3 location=embedded
Hash type=sha1 size=20
Signature size=8519
Authority=Developer ID Application: Julian Yap (35EY347E6X)
Authority=Developer ID Certification Authority
Authority=Apple Root CA
Timestamp=Jul 3, 2014, 11:11:16 AM
Info.plist entries=10
TeamIdentifier=not set
Sealed Resources version=1 rules=4 files=21
Internal requirements count=1 size=180

This is the message you receive when you run the command on an unsigned wallet.

$ codesign -dvvv Razor-Qt.app
Razor-Qt.app: code object is not signed at all

In OS X 10.7, Apple introduced Gatekeeper which blocks applications downloaded from the internet which have not been signed. In OS X 10.8, by default if an app is unsigned, Gatekeeper blocks the app from being installed and warns you that it did not come from an identified developer. Having your Mac Wallet signed avoids this end user usability issue and enhances the trust of your Mac Wallet.

This is an example message you receive when you download, install and run a wallet that is NOT signed. Note that a user must explicitly override their security settings to run your wallet application. As an end user, this process opens you up to malicious code and possible malware entering your system.

This is an example message you receive when you download, install and run a wallet that is signed. In this case the user has a Gatekeeper setting to allow apps downloaded from “Mac App Store and identified developers”. Note that there is no impediment for the user to open and run your wallet application.


I offer builds for up to 2 years or up to 5 releases (whichever comes first).

You agree to host the downloadable installer file. It is preferable that you host this on your own domain and not a 3rd party download service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or MEGA.

Builds will be signed by my Apple Mac developer account. You agree to give me permission to do this on behalf of your coin and your coin’s community.

Only coins which are distributed using a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) license will be accepted. You agree to host the source code for your wallet in a publically accessible repository.

While some code changes are often required to build a Mac executable, this agreement only extends to the first release build if there are significant code changes which renders the wallet in a broken compilation state. While I will endeavor to build future releases, I am under no obligation to fix broken code.

This program only provides a Mac Wallet installer file and does not cover submission to the Mac App Store.

Acceptance to this program for any coin is solely under my discretion.

July 2, 2014


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