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Litecoin (LTC) - MimbleWimble transactions using Regtest network

Introduction Litecoin has implemented MimbleWimble using an Extension Blocks sidechain, commonly referred to as “MWEB”. I couldn’t find any references to using MWEB other than articles which delve more into the technology but not the day to day wallet interaction. This post utilizes the standalone private Regtest network to demonstrate the usage. There are Additional links and references at the bottom of this post if you need an overview of the technology. Read more...

First post

I’ve never liked the static site generator Jekyll (being Ruby) that comes with built-in support from GitHub. With the advent of GitHub Actions, this has allowed me to set this site up with Hugo and an auto-deployment. Definitely not sure what content I want to put up on this site. I’ve built it and blown it up a few times. The content creation process has been a long term concern of mine. Read more...
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