== Wilderness Downtown ==

First post

I’ve never liked the static site generator Jekyll (being Ruby) that comes with built-in support from GitHub. With the advent of GitHub Actions, this has allowed me to set this site up with Hugo and an auto-deployment.

Definitely not sure what content I want to put up on this site. I’ve built it and blown it up a few times.

The content creation process has been a long term concern of mine. Namely the whole advertiser-based content platforms we’re stuck with. I’m also annoyed by the errosion of attention span that these platforms give us.

In recent years I have also faced the struggle with the interactions with “audience” and other parts like censorship and public image.

Anyway. This is the state of the world. This is the first post.

You get lazy, you get boring
You jump the track
And your birthday party tongue dripping
You’ll summarize
Travel the world ivy tripping
With no spotlight

Poison - Waxahatchee